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Kids’ Engineering Games Resource Guide

How to Identify Effective STEM Resources for Your Children, an article from Baylor University, identifies 9 examples of quality online resources.– Baylor’s EdD online in Learning and Organizational Change.

Visual Guide to STEM resources from Norwich University. Open this link for a variety of STEM resources and activities.

The Various Applications of Robots: This is a place where you can learn about robots and robotics engineering. If you are interested in robotics and are old enough to read, you should enjoy the information on this site. In most cases I give just a small description of each individual robot or application.

Terradynamics Lab:In our lab, we are developing experimental tools and theoretical models to create the new field of terradynamics that describe complex locomotor-terrain interactions, and use terradynamics to better understand animal locomotion and improve robot locomotion in complex terrains. Watch a video on how it all works here!

Automotive Design Principles for Future Engineers & Robotics Teams: The spirit of innovation has been part of the automotive industry since its inception. It’s what created Henry Ford’s drive to mass-produce automobiles and, by doing so, forever changed the concept of industry. It’s what’s driving the current market focus on self-driving vehicles, spawning new innovation in a century-old industry.

Flow Rigs for Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer :This paper presents the design of new hands-on educational hardware for exploring fluid mechanics and heat transfer concepts and preliminary data on how students understand these ideas.

Homeowners’ Guide to Automation and DIY Robots for Your Everyday Life:With home automation and robotics projects, you can make your home more comfortable and convenient, all while enjoying a creative and tech-savvy outlet for your ingenuity.


Karakuri and the Concept of Sociable Robots: Japan’s love of robots lies in the history of the ‘Karakuri Ningyo’. Until now there has been little interest from outside Japan regarding the Karakuri Ningyo craft, and its influence on technology and the arts. The word ‘Karakuri’ means a mechanical device to tease, trick, or take a person by surprise. It implies hidden magic, or an element of mystery. In Japanese ‘Ningyo’ is written as two separate characters, meaning person and shape. It loosely translates as puppet, but can also be seen in the context of doll or even effigy. (LAW 1997, p 18)

How To Build A Robot From Scratch: Whether you want to do that as a hobby or for any other purpose robot building is a very useful activity. Why it is so? Well, because robot building improves and polishes many skills such as electronics, programming, mechanical engineering, et cetera.

How To Store Hobbies (incl. technical components): Your hobby is something that brings you great joy and stress relief. Yet, without the right storage, it can quickly take over your home. With projects like robotics that have a lot of small pieces, you can easily run into a problem when you can’t find the piece you need or a critical component is damaged after being left outside. If you have family members involved in any of these popular hobbies, storage solutioning is a must.

Guide to Protecting Your Hobbies: Whether you’re a crafter creating and reselling your goods, a builder looking to create a new device or structure, a hobbyist tinkering in programming, modeling, or robots, or a tinkerer creating something new, an understanding of things like copyrights, trademarks, and fair use is important. Here’s what you need to know about these important factors.



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