Parents for Public Schools of Hawai’i COVID School Statement release was emailed out to our members on Wednesday September 8, 2021. To read the release in full, click here.

Please feel free to sign our Covid Public School petition.

Covid Public School petition - please sign if you share these hopes

Aloha e Everyone,

We are writing from Parents for Public Schools of Hawai‘i to share the concerns and hopes we are hearing from families.
If you share these hopes, please sign this petition.

Given the continuing pandemic and reports of inconsistent health protocols, we urge the Hawaii DOE (HIDOE) to:

  1. Provide safe conditions for students and teachers.

  2. Spend emergency funds ensuring compliance with safety protocols and contact tracing needs.

  3. Deliver in-person, blended/hybrid, and fully distance learning options to Hawai`i families.

  4. Negotiate work agreements with teachers to reflect current needs.

  5. Plan for any eventuality: develop systems that support effective two-way communication, leverage the talent and knowledge of our own teachers, and streamline operations.

For more detailed descriptions of each point, please visit this page:

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Mahalo for your support of Hawai‘i Public Schools!
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