The Department of Education has developed plan options and policies and is leaving implementation to each school. Below are links to the key documents provided so far. Register to attend the Thursday, July 9th 1:30pm virtual BOE meeting here.  This pandemic has driven a massive effort to catch up in using technologies and systems needed for effective virtual learning. The HI DOE, including every level of staff, has been working heroically to research, learn, survey, and evaluate changes needed based on the needs of Hawai‘i students and families. Some concerns include:

1) The family survey was not completed until June 30 – so family input may not have been adequately taken into account in determining district school reopening options and then informing principal decisions on local school models.

2) Is the physical distancing of 3′ adequate– listen to the video for more information on this issue.

3) Given the need for rapid deployment of virtual learning emergency solutions, can we commit to undertake a deep and serious exploration of how best to engage students and take advantage of the power to personalize learning and increase teacher-student meaningful one on one and group instructional time? Interim Asst. Supt. Alisa Bender assured me that the immediate decisions to use the predominant but not necessarily best learning systems of Blackboard learning management system and Google Classroom class management with Infinite Campus student information system is an emergency approach and that a deep consideration is underway to develop and deploy an effective integrated instructional, data, assessment, and communications management system. We hope the emergency that has caused loss of life, hardship, and distancing also inspires a transformation that brings instruction, support, information and insight easily to each student, family, teacher and administrator in one seamless system that can be used creatively by local schools, teachers and families.

The Principal’s Handbook, linked below, provides our best view of decisions and policies that will drive school experiences for students. Here is a video by Supt. Dr. Kishimoto, Dr. Sarah Park – Hawai‘i State Epidemiologist, and Bruce Anderson- Hawai‘i Dept of Health Director on the understandings behind policies.

Click here to read the Hawai‘i Department of Education presentation letter sent to the Board of Education on the reopening of schools August 5, 2020.

Core Assumptions for Reopening Schools

Click here to view the School Reopening Plans on the HI DOE website.

Guidance for School Reopening Flyer

HIDOE_Digital Transformation for Learning Plan flyer

Principal’s Handbook

Return to Learn Graphic from the Handbook

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