Hawai‘i Parent Concerns
We are hearing from parents, torn between wanting the benefits of school life for their children with health and safety concerns.

  • How will students be distanced? Is 3 feet enough?
  • Who will clean the surfaces frequently enough to preserve health?
  • Is it healthy for keiki to wear masks all day?
  • What air circulation and temperatures need to be maintained for health?
  • Will teachers have additional cleaning responsibility?
  • Will teachers lose prep and lunch periods to try to maintain health and safety in addition to teaching?
  • Will teachers be expected to teach some students virtually and some in school? How can they do that?

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U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines on School Opening Website Article.

CDC Reopening Guidelines (17 page PDF)

World Health Organization (WHO) Guiding Checklist on School Opening

1. Work with local authorities and health officials to ensure educational facilities are not used as health treatment or quarantine centers, as shelters or for any other non-educational purposes, even on a temporary basis

2. Promote and demonstrate regular hand washing and positive hygiene behaviors and monitor their uptake. Ensure adequate, clean and separate toilets for girls and boys – Ensure soap and safe water is available at age-appropriate hand washing stations – Encourage frequent and thorough washing (at least 20 seconds) – Place hand sanitizers in toilets, classrooms, halls, and near exits where possible – Ensure adequate, clean and separate toilets or latrines for girls and boys that are within a safe distance – Post signs encouraging good hand and respiratory hygiene practices

3. Clean and disinfect school buildings, classrooms, kitchens and dining facilities, and especially water and sanitation facilities at least once a day, particularly surfaces that are touched by many people (railings, lunch tables, sports equipment, door and window handles, toys, teaching and learning aids etc.) – Use sodium hypochlorite at 0.5% (equivalent 5000ppm) for disinfecting surfaces and 70% ethyl alcohol for disinfection of small items, and ensure appropriate equipment for cleaning staff

4. Increase air flow and ventilation where climate allows (open windows, use air conditioning where available, etc.)

5. Ensure safe preparation and (where applicable) service of food – Enforce frequent handwashing for all cooks, food handlers, cashiers and other food service personnel – Sanitize cookware, plates, cups and cutlery regularly and plan for distribution that minimizes handling – Stagger meal times to diminish crowds and allow time for cleaning and disinfecting between shift

6. Ensure trash is removed daily and disposed of safely.

Hawai‘i Department of Education Guidance Flyer on Reopening Schools