School Community Councils – SCCs

About SCC

School Community Councils can provide important support to schools through family and community engagement.

Read about School Community Councils (SCCs) in our blog here.

In January, we surveyed Hawai‘i families about their knowledge of SCCs and announced the survey results by the end of the month.

In 2004 the Hawai‘i legislature established School Community Councils,
via Act 51, to give key stakeholders a substantially increased voice in the affairs of their local schools.

Visit the Hawai‘i Department of Education website page on the SCCs to learn more.

Hawaii Department of Education School Community Councils at each school

From the HI DOE website: The “spirit” and intent of Act 51 was to:

  • Strengthen the ties between school and community;
  • Provide a voice for all major stakeholder groups;
  • Create opportunities for collaboration and partnership in the educational system; and
  • Focus on a shared goal of improving student achievement and system’s accountability.

As the “trustees or facilitators of the school’s vision and mission,” the School Community Council:

  • Acts as a caretaker of the school;
  • Functions in an advisory role;
  • Practices good stewardship and acts as a whole, taking responsibility for communicating with all role groups and for the benefit of all children rather than as individuals representing a role group and specific agendas;
  • Approaches issues from a unified perspective;
  • Garners community support for major initiatives;
  • Focuses decisions based upon what is best for ALL students; and
  • Contributes to the share goal of improving student achievement.

Link to Hawai‘i Department of Education School Community Council Page