Parent Engagement Program (PEP) & Family Academy


When parents and schools work together, everyone wins.


Free parent-family friendly learning curriculum opportunity for families

PEP is free to participants and designed to support the learning standards through its Leadership Strands and Anchor Standards. All training will be virtual until further notice.

Parent Leadership: uses leadership skills to develop and propose plans to address challenges and obstacles.

Communication and Engagement in Education: addresses areas of need by creating effective communication processes that engage all education stakeholders.

Skill Building for Family Learning: engages various personalities by creating and fostering problem solving environments conducive to all learners.

Data and Accountability: uses findings from data analysis to support and advocate for causes, solutions, or goals.

Community Connections: creates diverse teams of stakeholders to address education issues.



How can PPSHI help to raise student achievement?A team works together to pull up a growth arrow

  • Through building productive, collaborative partnerships with schools, parents, family members and communities.
  • Recognizing there is no “one size fits all” model, PPSHI works with schools to develop and implement a customized Parent Engagement Program and service plan.
  • By aligning parent engagement activities to school improvement plans, parents and family members will be integrated into the process, helping sustain academic gains.



The Engagement Program and Family Academy

Puzzle PieceThe PEP curriculum builds the skills and knowledge of parents and family members so they become authentically engaged partners in education.

The Family Academy expands on PEP training modules providing participants with follow-up and coaching to:

  • Implement Personal Leadership Plans with goals and action steps to reduce barriers to learning
  • Establish Learning Communities in their schools to address student and school improvements.


 PEP and Family Academy graduates become proactive problem solvers, effective decision makers and mentors to other parents.


What are the benefits?

Knowledge and Information: Participants receive information to help develop a foundational understanding of education. Families need knowledge to be effective partners with schools and PEP is the best way for them to get it.

FUN! Our workshops are interactive and involve hands on learning.  Parents and family members develop relationships, network with friends and make new ones.

Leadership Skills:  Participants develop personal leadership skills, they hone leadership potential that can be used in the community as well as schools. They learn to set goals, develop work plans and develop skills that can translate to the job.

PPS has been working with parents and families for over 22 years.
PEP is based on the knowledge we have gained from working and listening to parents over time and addressing their concerns and needs.

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All training will be virtual until further notice.Save



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