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Parent Responses So Far — In Chart Form Below:

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  • Follow up with teachers may be required to assess how well my son is keeping up.
  • Just the long term. Concerned about many families that have young children and trying to juggle working, parenting and overseeing their children’s education.
  • We are falling behind as we lack the means to get online so we can access classwork and homework
  • If possible, consolidate info in one or two emails vs every school professional emailing the same thing except for a few different details. Maybe use the principal/lead email info as a in case u didn’t know, followed by the specific class info. The long emails from staff was a lot to weed through.
  • Assignments at high school are minimal at this time (1 assignment per week per class), I feel like they could do more learning
  • Our daughter is a visual learner and not having direct communications/lectures or interaction with the teachers are a concern. Appreciate that one of the teachers attempted a video Webex, however it would be great if the class quantity is held at a minimal number to help the teacher control the students for a productive session.
  • My child should not be given online assignments or activities if it will NOT promote them to the next grade level period. With exceptions for students who are earning college credits or taking AP classes these students should continue with their class assignments. Principals should be looking at the needs of their student population and customizing solutions to meet the needs of families and children’s social, emotional, safety and mental health. And prioritize supports that can help families cope with the current pandemic situation. Academics is the last thing on my mind and I’m sure most families would agree.
  • Adjusting, adapting to the new “normal”; how long schools may need to be closed to turn the tide on coronavirus; being the “surrogate teacher”; understanding “distance-learning” is not the same as “home-schooling” My kids finish their assignments faster than I anticipated, could be because it’s just them, instead of being in a classroom with 20+ students; this is better than nothing; also using KAHN Academy to supplement online subjects; Elementary enrichment activities require more parent involvement/guidance/monitoring than the middle school activities; would have liked to have had my kids take the SBAC tests, trying to apply for private school or UH Lab; may need check if Kumon or Sylvan offers some sort of achievement testing that I can use on my child’s application to private schools Must be hard for parents who have full time jobs, and are now working at home.
  • They miss the social interaction with the other students
  • Is the DOE collecting similar data regarding access and parent input?
  • Won’t know about GEs on time, worry about huge class size next year, decided to withdraw from preschool as proposed tuition reduction plan was uncertain and too expensive- kids lost entire sense of belonging
  • My child is a senior and will be graduating this year. I would like to receive more details on the changes regarding the school graduation plans and requirements due to the current circumstances.
  • I wish there were online classes held via WebEx or other video conferencing technology.
  • Voyager charter school doesn’t have much electronics to provide during this time of need. If every student in the school Needed to borrow a device.
  • We have the technology today to keep learning going as normal as possible. I am not a fan of online learning over in class learning. But do understand that while the people allow government to break the constitution to make everyone stay home, Distance learning is the best platform to use to keep education for 12th grade down as normal as possible. DOE can learn from our school and other schools who did not get caught not having a vision of using the technology we have today to keep education going. It took us one week to get a plan and execute it. Kids only lost 3 days of school.
  • I wish teachers could have webex meetings with students so the students can see and talk to each other
  • I know that they stated it virtual school, enrichment assignments, and that it will not be graded and not affect student’s grade. For myself and other parents out there that are using the time to Continue Educating their child(ren) as if they were in school but, with a modified schedule. I am teaching my children, educating them in their areas of what their teachers have assigned. It’s not just continued busy work, I am helping them to understand what they are working on and marking their work and all. Adding in some other fun education learning for them in Science, History writing, etc. I feel that students/families that are continuing their academics thru this time should be given some credit/grade report. A lot of students are working hard, along with their parents and all that is going on with their homes such as; mentally, medically, financially. I hope the Department Of Education will think about it for those working hard. And for students that choose not to will not be penalized and not be graded as was stated. VERY CONCERNED PARENT!!
  • Need guidance on how IEP works during this time
  • I am concerned that HSTA/HIDOE is pushing for enrichment activities and not instruction to remove the “loophole” of having to be in compliance with IDEA and providing FAPE. I understand this is a pandemic but to provide an education for some and not all is appalling.
  • I’m concern of the unknown amount of time we will all have stay home to help our children as well as trying to work full time at home. I think they learn best in a classroom setting.
  • My children are getting used to sleeping in and working from home. It will be an interesting transition back to school.
  • No communication about HOW to keep organized with multiple lessons and turn ins. Some Hangouts are scheduled at the same time, so he misses one for the other. No communication about related services and how we can access them.
  • We have received no packets, no worksheets, no video conferencing, no schedule or plan from my child’s teacher. All we receive is a once a week bingo board with about 20 suggested activities such as do an iready lesson, or draw a picture, or clean your room etc. Also we have not heard what if anything my son will be receiving in terms of his special ed services.
  • Beside academics, my child is regressing in areas of speech and behavioral/emotional regulation. How can it be legal for the State DOE to stop all services for kids with IEP’s that have the ESY provision and not offer something?? Aren’t our kids protected under federal law?
  • Honokaa schools’ computers are constantly having problems, my son has not been able to consistently have access (he will use mom’s work laptop, when she is not working on it, which is virtually never) hard for our son to keep up when he does not have his computer, school provided him with one, but it’s been having issues, and they have not given him a replacement this entire school year.
  • I can see how terrible the teacher’s teaching skills are since I have observed the online video sessions. The teacher is not tailoring the work. It’s way above the level my child is at. It’s a joke. It’s just a way for the teacher to say she’s doing something.
  • Yes the High School Project on Coronavirus. Being an essential worker and the added stress this is not something I want to go home to after 12 hours to assist my child. Very stressful times and to have to focus on that later or expect child to do so on their own may not be appropriate. Though I get the value but having to deal with it at work is already causing great deal of stress. How would the teachers assure that the discussion would not cause added stress on the students. There was a case in CA where a student committed suicide due to the corona and lockdown. Would be a great topic once this is over but as a parent who deals with it constantly at work I really can’t emotional carry on with a topic like this. Something more up lifting would be more appropriate right now. Some children are at home while parents are working in stressful environments, students at home with parents as they lost their jobs creating for stress environment, students may not be getting the food they need or abuse may be going undetected right now to add the subject of corona to their lesson may not of been well thought out.
  • My child has an IEP.
  • It’s a challenge to have all the learning being online, in addition to the increased screen time from watching tv, video chatting with friends, etc. Would like to have access to the paper books and materials again.
  • My special needs student benefits from professionals with specialized training. This cannot be done over a computer or through parents. Remote school does not work for us! If it did, I would have been homeschooling him already.
  • Other parents and I have compared notes and some schools and teachers have daily WebEx meetings with their class. They do demonstrations and read stories and articles. Have discussions with the students. Other schools are doing the very minimal required of them. DOE said meet with students at least once a week for 30 minutes well that’s all the teachers at our school does. There are no paper packets or daily check in. Some of the teachers I am “friends” with on Twitter and Insta are doing remodeling work and recreating during “work time.” It’s terrible.