Many organizations are providing valuable activities, guides, and media for families — parents and students. A few are listed below and more are on our PPS-Hawai‘i Resources webpage.

From Corwin Media: guides and activities from Kahn Academy courses, theater scripts, zoos, philharmonics, to virtual drumming “The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents: How to Support Your Child’s Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning in Any Setting”

CommonSense Media’s “Wide Open School includes resources for teachers, students and families. Here is a link to the family resources  RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES where you will find online articles, PDFs, hints, guides, activities, and lessons from “Tips to Help Kids Stay Focussed During Distance Learning”,

Brain Breaks for Younger Kids,

Brain Breaks for Older Kids and Teens,

to Help Kids Fight Cyber-Bullying and Other Mean Online Behavior

and many many more resources.

Wide Open School also includes activities direct to students. in grade ranges:

Wide Open School Student Activities