Community Collaborating
To Support Public Education

Top row: Vice President Mary Weir, President Wendy Nakasone-Kalani, Board Member Deborah Bond-Upson, Vice President Susan Wood, Treasurer Kay Fukuda, Board Member Kashmira Reid. Middle row: Past President Lois Yamauchi. Bottom row: Board Member Ernestine Enomoto and Secretary Heather Moselle

Parents for public schools of Hawai’i is proud to introduce our 2021 board members. Our current board is filled with dynamic individuals who push our mission statement “to engage students and community members across the state in supporting enriched and quality public education through (1) effective communication between families, community, and schools, (2) greater awareness of educational policies and practices, (3) community involvement in education and decision making that promotes school support, improvement and student achievement, (4) accurate media representation in public education.”

We invite you to learn more about our board of directors and board members and their contributions to our schools and communities by clicking the link below.




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