Summer school is proceeding in e-school and 17 of our state school campuses. Many of us have been concerned as to whether students will remember to keep their distance and to wear masks. Others have felt that the distancing should not be as strictly enforced. All of us are concerned about how our keiki are doing– in summer school, or without summer school.

The more we can discover about summer school programs, the better we can envisage and encourage safe, healthy, and growthful programs for our keiki this fall.

If any of you have keiki in these summer programs, we would appreciate hearing from you–

  • How is it going?
  • Are you comfortable with health and safety?
  • Are your children benefitting from summer school?
  • Are your keiki in other onsite programs this summer? How are they going?
  • How are you managing without the usual activities for your keiki?

Here is a link to a PDF week 2 report on summer school and school-based opportunity programs.
Below are 2 summary slides.

Summer School Program List:

HONOLULU DISTRICT – Anuenue School, Aina Haina Elementary, Kaimuki High, Kalani High, Kawananakoa Middle, Pauoa Elementary
CENTRAL DISTRICT – Leilehua High, Mililani High, Moanalua High, Moanalua Middle, Radford High
LEEWARD DISTRICT – Campbell High, Highlands Inter, Pearl City High
MAUI DISTRICT – Baldwin High

Click to access SR-144SD1Report.pdf

Click to access SR-144SD1Report.pdf