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The Hawai‘i Department of Education (DOE) has begun work on an ambitious 2020-2030 strategic “Promise Plan”. You may be surprised, as we were, that another plan is under development now, given the three levels of strategic planning (Strategic Plan, Governor’s Blueprint, and ESSA federal plan) we so recently completed and the defeat of school funding that disappointed so many of us.

But we understand that at the same time work must continue to meet the current plan benchmarks for students in school now, we must meet the needs of future students to build a strong and healthy future.  The Hawai‘i DOE has lofty goals and we agree:

We want to achieve Excellence and Equity for all keiki!

“We are strengthening our commitment to the success of all students.  Our 2030 Promise Plan seeks to build on gains we have made,  innovate to solve persistent challenges and to bring collective vision and purpose to public education as a change agent.”
– Supt. Kishimoto (click for video)

The DOE wants to maximize community participation.
We, at Parents for Public Schools of Hawai‘i, want to be sure that you are fully informed and have the opportunity to share your views. So we will convene in-person meetings and we will hold online meetings to brief our members and your friends and to gather your views, working in groups around these

5 Promise Themes:

Many of our Parents for Public Schools of Hawai‘i members share concerns on the overuse of testing and its impact on student learning and self-esteem, classrooms without permanent teachers, lack of special education professionals, and school building problems. It is exciting and informative to look at how schools can change to meet the current and future needs! We want to be sure that as we all learn more about the education innovations the DOE may introduce, your priorities and views are represented. We will hold in-person meetings in places convenient to our members and we will offer online meetings for those who cannot attend in person.

Please Join Us in Envisioning the Future of our Hawai‘i Schools!

Please Join Us in Envisioning the Future of our Hawai‘i Schools!

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