Legislative Initiatives Announced

Hawai‘i Press Conference for Opening of Legislative Session- watch it on  Facebook video or Youtube video
The Governor, House and Senate members have been working over the interim on critical issues to help Hawai‘i families with the high cost of living. Initiatives listed below all relate to the overall issue of Hawai‘i cost of living – income equality, quality school facilities, early education, and affordable housing.

Tax Relief
Permanent targeted tax relief for working class families– earned income tax credit- will reduce tax liability and return cash. 90,000 working families.
Make food excise $150 tax credit- a flat fee. 220,000 families will benefit

Raising Minimum Wage
Raised to $11 in 2021 up to $13 in 2024

Affordable Housing
Hawai‘i needs more housing and more infrastructure. Omnibus housing bill — authorize obligation bonds to develop for housing,
99 year leases, 50% for affordable housing,

Remove building facilities from HI DOE 
This is proposed to allow DOE to be educators and have the school construction authority handle construction to speed construction and reduce costs. Facilities have a backlog of improvements needed and 21st century school initiatives need to be accelerated.

Early Childhood Learning
Early Childhood Learning will move from the HI DOE to the DHS (Department of Human Services).
New funding will support early learning opportunities fo
r 3 and 4 year olds by adding