Parents for Public Schools of Hawai‘i is a voting member for HCAN. We have met with them and support the legislative priorities they have listed here. We will be watching these bills and speaking up for you, our members, through out the legislative session.  We find that the testimony we submit in person and in writing makes a difference. Parent and community voices must be heard.

Please see the list of bills below. You can click the”Take Action Now” link after any bills of interest to you. This will help you to very quickly write and submit your thoughts!

Paid Family Leave – Tuesday, Feb 4th

HB2219 – Paid Family Leave – LAB, 9:30am, RM 309 Take Action Now!

SB2491 – Paid Family Leave – CPH/HMS, 2:45pm, RM 016 Take Action Now!

Other HCAN Children’s Policy Priority Bills this week (please note. this is just the beginning of the week, we do have bills on Thursday and Friday,  but the list was getting VERY long – so keep an eye out in a few days for the rest of the week).

Monday, February 3rd:

SB2351 – Pilot Diaper Stipend program – HMS, 3pm, RM 016  Take Action Now!

Tuesday, February 4th: 

HB2347 – End sale of flavored tobacco – HLT, 8:30am, RM 329   Take Action Now!

HB2456 – Policy parity (regulation) for e-cigarettes – HLT, 8:30am, RM 329  Take Action Now!

SB2539 – Insurance coverage for reproductive health services – CPH, 9:30am, RM 229  Take Action Now!

HB2457 – Banning of e-cigarettes – HLT/LHE, 2:15pm, RM 309  Take Action Now!

HB2093 – DOE Standardized Data Collection – LHE, 2:30pm, RM 309  Take Action Now!

HB2203 – DOE Increase Data Transparency and Collection – LHE, 2:30pm, RM 309  Take Action Now!

HB2258 – Prohibit suspension and expulsion in Pre-K – decision making in LHE, 2:30pm, RM 309  Take Action Now!

HB2509 – Appropriates funds for air conditioners – LHE, 2:30pm, RM 309  Take Action Now