The Honolulu Star Advertiser article summarizes the part of the meeting dealing with teacher salaries and mentions our Parents for Public Schools of Hawai‘i testimony:

Deborah Bond-Upson also weighed in on behalf of the nonprofit Parents for Public Schools of Hawaii. “Here we are in the pandemic, and we see there is pressure on everyone in the Department of Education and on the Board and on the families to find new ways to support and teach students,” she said. “And we believe the job of a teacher is only going to get more difficult and more challenging. More of their time will be spent learning new ways to teach, new systems to track, and we believe at this time, when our families and our students need so much from teachers, this would be an absolutely devastating time to cut teacher pay.”

We also alerted the DOE and BOE that we are collecting parents views through our survey “Family Experiences of School Learning during the Pandemic” and that we will be delivering a report soon.  We noted that there are signs of great inconsistency of communications, learning activities, technology access, and parental availability to support keiki learning. This is causing considerable distress in many families. If you have not responded yet, there are a few more days to enter your views: