2023 Legislative Bills

Please keep this page bookmarked as we will post the bills that we are following this legislative session.  We will keep you up to date on hearings and the status of the bills.


Click here to view our current Measure Tracking Report. (Updated March 22, 2023 11:01AM)


Aligning with Hui for Excellence in Education, our priorities are:

  • legislation that addresses increased funding for out-of school time, which aligns with the K-12 schools
  • legislation that expands access to quality early learning opportunities for more children
  • legislation that addresses the social emotional learning of students
  • legislation that promotes effective processes for repair and maintenance of DOE facilities as well as improves transparency and accountability of DOE’s facilities branch and the School Facilities Agency

We are in support of Hawai‘i Children’s Action Network’s policy agenda which includes the following issues:

  • Education Security and Equity for Children
  • Pre-K to 12 Education
  • Health and Wellness for Children
  • Child Safety and Welfare

We will also be following the Keiki Caucus’ five legislative priorities:

  • HB547 – Childcare Worker Subsidy: Establishes a 2 year infant and toddler child care worker subsidy pilot program to assist in retaining the existing child care workforce.
  • HB548 – Erin’s Law: Sexual Abuse Education: Establishes the Erin’s Law Task Force to review policies, programs, and curricula for educating public school students about sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention, culminating in a systemwide sexual abuse prevention education program at the conclusion of the task force.
  • HB549 – Prioritizing Improvements to Existing Preschools: Requires the School Facilities Authority to renovate, improve, and expand existing public school facilities and classrooms to increase pre-kindergarten student capacity.
  • HB550 – Sex Trafficking Prevention and Response Training: Requires the DOE to offer training for teachers, educational officers, and school-based behavioral health specialists on sex trafficking prevention and response.
  • HB551 – Flavored Vaping Ban: Prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco products and the mislabeling of e-liquids as nicotine free.

Additionally, while participating in and supporting the Broadband Hui, we are working towards digital equity and digital advancement to give all of us opportunities for economic and personal growth and satisfaction.


  • Hawai‘i State Legislature website – The Hawai‘i State Legislature’s website is a great resource, helping the public easily access information, track bills, and deliver testimony.
  • LegiScan – LegiScan is a national data service that provides real-time legislative tracking service. It is able to monitor every bill in the 50 states and Congress. The following link takes you directly to the Hawai‘i Legislative Dataset. https://legiscan.com/HI/datasets