Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors are members who want to work with PPS Hawaii:ppshiannualmeeting-0466

  1. To become more involved with our organization;
  2. To increase parent engagement at your local school; and
  3. To help influence educational decisions at all levels to improve public schools.

Becoming a Parent Ambassador mainly involves communicating relevant issues and events to others at your school. You don’t have to attend regular meetings (but you are always welcome to attend!) or even have a lot of background, just a desire to become more involved!

What does a Parent Ambassador do?

From home: Text and call friends and family about pressing issues, forward our emails to other parents, teachers, and the PCNC/principal, “Like” us and share our posts and events on your own Facebook page, and “Follow” and retweet us on Twitter.

At school: Share information about our activities and events to other parents, teachers, and to the PTA/PTSA and school administration. Encourage other parents to come to events and share their voices.

In the State Capital: Submit testimony/show up to hearings and encourage other parents to do the same. Attend Board of Education or Legislative meetings.

With PPS-Hawaii: Report back on what parents and teachers are saying at your school, and share the concerns you have for your own child(ren). You can also donate online to support our organization, and encourage others to become donors too!

Anytime: Talk with others about the good things that happen in our public schools, and the challenges too.

If you support public education in our community, you can help.

How can I become a Parent Ambassador?

If you have have read through the roles of a PPS Hawaii Ambassadors and the  PPS Hawaii Mission Statement below and want to be an Ambassador for you school,  please sign up below!